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L O S Directive
Ladies of the STAR was created to encourage women riders, passengers, and
enthusiasts to become active participants in STAR Touring and Riding.

LOS is not intended to be a separate entity.  STAR activities and events are
geared for all members.  LOS events should not exclude men, or create a
divide between men and women.  It is meant to unite all members of each Chapter.

Chapter LOS Representatives should ensure present and new women are made to
feel welcome and an integral part of STAR Touring and Riding.  The more
involved and comfortable the women are in each Chapter, the stronger the
unity in each Chapter becomes.  With strength of Chapters comes a stronger
more united STAR Touring and Riding Association.

Due to Geographical differences, not all Chapters can be run exactly the
same.  However, a Constance for all Chapters to strive for is building
camaraderie and enthusiasm for all members.

It is important for all LOS Representatives to respect the chain of command
in their Chapter.  Chapter Presidents must be kept informed of all LOS matters.

It is my hope that  all LOS Representatives work within their Chapters with
all STAR Members to achieve these goals.

Judy Davis
National Coordinator of LOS
San Diego Chapter #123

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